Our legislature should focus on what really matters to North Carolinians. In recent years, our representatives were more focused on their own agenda and get themselves reelected than they were on taking care of the people in North Carolina. It’s time for that to stop. North Carolinians are concerned about issues like quality education, affordable healthcare, job opportunities, clean drinking water, voting rights and being safe in our communities.

Previous representatives have failed to do what is good for North Mecklenburg. I’m committed to working for the best interests of District 98.  I want to build a North Carolina where my children, neighbors, friends, and family can thrive.

I was raised in a family dedicated to volunteerism and community service. For five years, I dedicated myself to public service, leading efforts on gun violence prevention with Moms Demand Action, serving as the North Carolina Chapter Leader for two years.  I spent many hours in the General Assembly working with legislators on both sides of the aisle, attending committee meetings and sessions of the House and Senate. I saw first hand how citizen’s voices could impact the legislative process.

As a North Carolina Certified Paralegal, I help many small business owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. I’ve worked with the Secretary of State in North Carolina and seen how having policies that are welcoming to small businesses ensure the success of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Working with a wide range of individuals and businesses from all across the state has given me the insight into what is needed to grow a business.

I have worked as an intellectual property and business law paralegal at a law firm located in Davidson that I founded with my husband, Chris. We were born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, and currently, reside in Huntersville. I received my undergraduate degree in English at Roanoke College and Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Duke University. Together, Chris and I have five children and a rescue dog.