Children are our state’s greatest asset. I'm concerned that North Carolina schools are ranked 40th in the nation due to lack of funding, despite as recently as a decade ago being ranked 20th.  We should be helping our schools hire highly qualified teachers and not forcing them to take steps backward. The economy in North Carolina has improved, and now it’s time to restore our education funding to sufficient levels.


North Carolina should not discriminate against anyone. Our elected officials should advocate for everyone no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity. We believe we can do more to protect LGBTQ communities and people of color in North Carolina.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Women should have the right to choose the reproductive healthcare right for them without government intervention. Government needs to get out of the way and let women, their doctors and families make the decisions.

Health Care

All of North Carolina’s citizens should have access to quality health insurance. By expanding access to Medicaid, our citizens will have access to preventative medicine including annual screenings for issues like breast cancer, diabetes, and heart disease and avoid expensive emergency room visits. By increasing the number of citizens covered by health insurance, we can lower health care costs for everyone.

Public Safety

I support responsible gun ownership and the Second Amendment. The two can, and must, go together, keeping our state and nation safe from gun violence. Data has proven that sensible gun laws work. By keeping guns away from those that are a danger to themselves or others, we can save lives.

Clean Air and Drinking Water

I am dedicated to protecting our natural resources. North Carolinians should know the air they breath and water they drink is free from contamination. Corporations should bear the cost of cleaning up messes and taking steps toward clean energy.

I-77 Toll Roads

I have lived in North Mecklenburg for almost a decade. Like most of my neighbors, I have spent more time on I-77 than I care to think about. I share my community’s frustration with the constant construction, the congestion, the unsafe road conditions and a toll lane that was foisted upon us without our input.

North Carolina, under former Governor McCrory, signed a terrible contract that put the state, and its citizens, on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars over 50 years. As a paralegal, I have seen a lot of contracts, but rarely have I seen a deal as one-sided as this. Inexplicably, the GOP leadership embraced the idea of toll roads and, unfortunately, now that’s our reality.

While the Republicans have controlled the legislature, however, no progress has been made. Our previous elected officials had multiple opportunities to resolve this issue but they have refused to fix  the problem by either canceling the contract or appropriating the money needed so the state can take over. I will not stop working until we have secured the funding to give the Governor what he needs to step in and resolve the current situation.

Correcting the toll road debacle the GOP has created is one of my top priorities.  I am focused on accomplishing change rather than political tricks. Keeping the pressure on the issue and finding actual solutions that will clean up this mess is a top goal for North Mecklenburg.